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Flexigel Strands Absorbent Wound Dressing 6 gm - Box of 10
Flexigel Strands Absorbent Wound Dressing 6 gm

Flexigel Strands Absorbent Wound Dressing 6 gm - Box of 10
Discontinued - No Longer Available $87.23
Brand: Smith & Nephew

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Product Code: 55665A
Discontinued - No Longer Available

FLEXIGEL STRANDS® Absorbent Wound Dressing is a sterile, single use bundle of absorbent matrix for use in moist wound dressing applications. The synthetic matrix absorbs excess exudate fluid, swells to conform to the wound contours, and entraps slough and necrotic debris within its strands to assist in debridement. The strands of the matrix are bound together by a matrix bridge to minimize disruption of the matrix material during use. FLEXIGEL STRANDS® is flexible, pliable, and non-adherent to aid in comfort.

Flexigel Strands is discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer available. There is no direct replacement for this product.

It is highly absorbent, permeable and contains 20% glycerin. It remains moist to ensure a moist wound environment. It gently conforms to wound surfaces and space.

-Effectively manages copious amount of exudate.
-May be used on infected wounds, as long as the infection is being treated with appropriate antibiotic therapy.
-Does not dry out or stick to wound.
-Does not dry wound out.
-Easy to apply and determine appropriate dosage.
-Does not break down into nor leave any dressing debris in wound.
-Eliminates the need to cleanse wound during dressing changes.
-Easily removed in one piece.
-Easy to apply, maintains uniform moist contact with wound surface upon interaction with exudate.

Indicated as an external wound dressing for the management of exudate from chronic wounds such as ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic), pressure sores, donor sites, surgical incisions, surgical excisions, lacerations, burns (1st and 2nd degree).

It conforms to the wound bed to support tissues and provide for patient comfort during wound management and creates a moist wound environment which assists in autolytic debridement.

During the body's normal healing process, unnecessary material is removed from the wound, which will make the wound appear larger after the first few dressing changes. If the wound continues to get larger after the first few dressing changes, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Should any signs of irritation (reddening, inflammation), maceration (over-hydration of skin), hypergraulation (excess tissue), or sensitivity (allergic reactions) appear, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

FLEXIGEL STRANDS® is a single use product. It should not be re-used. Ensure that it is removed during dressing change and at the conclusion of treatment. It is non-adherent and therefore must be secured in the wound with a secondary cover. It is sterile and should be handled with appropriate care during application. It is not indicated for management of third degree burns.

Instructions for Use:
1) Cleanse wound.
2) Apply a skin preparation to the periwound skin
3) Apply Flexigel Strands®
4) Requires a secondary dressing such as COVRSITE or roll gauze (venous leg ulcers - apply compression wrap).
5) Change once a day or when secondary dressing reveals wound drainage.
6) Dressing may be cut at the middle connecting band to accomodate wounds of various volume. Flexigel Stands® expands as it absorbs. Apply to fill half of wounds cavity. Do not pack.

Smith & Nephew Part Number 50042100

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